Frequently asked questions and answers about blockchain

We are an experienced team in developing solutions using DLTs, we have managed projects, collaborated with IT departments, innovation labs, public and private organisations, among others. We shared this knowledge in our courses.

Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology that allows to share digital and inmutable records between many participants. Because of this, the network keeps the data updated and guarantees it’s tamper proof. This features facilitates transactions, exchanges and tracking of assets without the the need intermediaries drastically reducing risks and costs.

Currently the most common used cases are in traceability, digital certification, crossborder payments, asset tokenization, cryptocurrencies, funding, among others.

Blockchain is an emergent technology originated with Bitcoin. However many other use cases are being applied besides cryptocurrencies. The main benefits of Blockchain adoption are cost reduction, efficiency security increase and a peer to peer trusted system.

Currently, there are thousands of companies, startups, organisations and governments using blockchain. LinkedIn considered blockchain programming the most demanded high skilled in 2020 so the technology is entering a mature phase since this year.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are possible because of the permanent record that blockchain allows. Nowadays this technology impact has multiple other cases.

There are qualified professionals around the world. However it is usually expensive because of the high demand. In Dapps Peru we offer a great opportunity to combine the access to a high quality blockchain service with an affordable and competitive price.

Somos pocos los profesionales que hemos desarrollado con éxito aplicaciones en nuestro país y aún menos los que logran explicar el proceso desde el hallar un caso de uso hasta el desarrollo de un proyecto de una manera sencilla. En Dapps buscamos ser la startup que más barreras elimina en esta transformación digital. Tenemos programas y asesoría de acuerdo a la fase que te encuentres y a la necesidad que tengas.


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